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2014-15 Junior High School ONLINE Audition Forms are now available on this website!
You may access them by using the navigation menu or by clicking directly on the quick links below.

Junior High School Audition Form QUICK LINKS:

JHS Band (Winds/Brass/Percussion)
JHS Chorus
JHS Orchestra

JHS Directors

For all JHS percussion students: We will again be having a battery percussion audition. All battery percussionists will audition on both snare and traps. There will not be separate auditions for snare and traps. The battery percussion audition will include snare drum rudiments, snare drum solo, snare drum sight reading and traps rudiments/studies (found on NJSMA.com). There will be no traps solo or traps sight reading.

A soprano saxophone is needed for the 2015 High School Symphonic Band. Auditions will be January 10th, at the same time as all high school auditions. Interested students must complete the online application process and meet all existing deadlines. The soprano saxophone audition will follow the same requirements, ranges, and solo as the alto saxophone.

JHS BAND LINKS ARE NOW ACTIVE! Thank you for your patience.

Dear Region I Band Directors:

Please be advised that the Junior High and Intermediate Region Band audition requirements have changed from previous years!

The NJSMA board has approved the use of two separate requirement and solo lists, one for Junior Region Band (grade 9) and another for Intermediate Region Band (grades 7, 8). These changes reflect the plethora of suggestions the band division has received over the years and the hope is to make the Junior Region audition a more attainable, educational and positive experience for our students.

As you will see there have been several changes to the solo list, as well as scale requirement and instrument range modifications. Please take a moment to especially look at the ranges; some have changed significantly for grades 7, 8.

Make sure you are downloading the correct ranges and solo lists! If you are sponsoring a student that is in grades 7, and/or 8 you want to download the Intermediate Band forms. If on the other hand you are sponsoring a 9th grade student you want to download the Junior Band forms.

As always, if you have a solo suggestion or any helpful insight into how to better the region experience please contact your division chairs.

Thanks in advance,

Gregory Mulford and Matthew Spatz
Band Division Co-Chairs

Junior Band (9th Grade) Solo List
Intermediate Band (7th & 8th Grade) Solo List

Junior Band (9th Grade) Range & Scale Requirements
Intermediate Band (7th & 8th) Range & Scale Requirements

2014 Elementary Choir Festival information and application are now available HERE.

Anyone with information on conductors for the missing years of the Junior Region Concert Band Past Conductors list (on archive page) should contact Paul Oster, Historian at poster@NJSMA.com

Click here to download the APPLICATION TO CONDUCT ANY

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