HS Percussion Requirements:

Snare Drum and Traps auditions are combined to make a Battery Percussion audition.
ALL of the Snare Drum & Traps students will be auditioning in BOTH areas.

Snare Drum Rudiments

Traps Percussion Audition Studies

Timpani Audition Study

Keyboard Percussion Audition Requirements

The following percussion instruments will be available at the High School audition site: 

Timpani Audition - 4 timpani with tuning gauges. -32", 29", 26", 23". 
Students are responsible for supplying all mallets. Tuning gauges will be covered for the Timpani Audition Study and during the initial tuning for the solo. 

Mallet Keyboard Audition - 3.5 octave xylophone and 4.3 octave marimba, both with Kelon bars. Students may bring and audition on their own mallet instrument. All students are responsible for supplying their own mallets. 

Battery Percussion Audition - Bass Drum, xylophone, music stands and desk for use as a trap table. 

Students may bring and audition on their own instruments from the above list. Students are responsible for supplying any other required instruments.
(snare drum, crash cymbals, triangle & tambourine), plus all sticks mallets and beaters and towels or carpet squares.